XD15NW® (X40CrMoVN16-2)

XD15NW® is a high Nitrogen martensitic stainless steel primarily used for bearings and ballscrews. This grade was developed for high stress applications where high hardness, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance are paramount. This makes XD15NW® the logical choice for any spec that requires a stainless steel that can not fail. It’s also one of the most corrosion resistant bearing quality grades in the U.S. today, and available only through Sullivan Steel.

steelPCT XD
FOR REQUIREMENTS: Stainless Bearing Steel, High-Nitrogen (CREN)
ALTERNATIVE TO: 440C, N360, and AMS5898
UNS : S42025
Euro Number: 1.4123
Boeing: BMS 7-357

Benefits of XD15NW®

  • Significantly better corrosion resistance relative to 440C (X105CrMo17)
  • HRC of at least 58 after tempering at low (around 180°C/360°F) and high (500°C/932°F) temperatures
  • Low residual austenite after heat treatment in order to ensure a high dimensional stability of the parts
  • Comparable performance to AMS 5898
  • Heat treatment is relatively simple, utilizing standard equipment

Typical Applications

  • Bearings (ball, roller and spherical)
  • Ball and roller-screws
  • Rod Ends

Comparisons to Other Materials

Corrosion Resistance Comparison

Corrosion Resistance Comparison (XD15NW® vs. 440C) – Aspect of the surface after 96 h salt spray (NaCl) exposure. For both grades, heat treatment cycle: 1050 °C Oil/ -75 °C/ 180 °C

Chemical Composition

  C Si Mn Cr Mo V N Ni
min. 0.37 15.00 1.50 0.20 0.16
max. 0.45 0.60 0.60 16.50 1.90 0.40 0.25 0.30

Stocking Sizes

0.112″ø to 8.000″ø (2.8 mm ø – 203.2 mm ø)

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Datasheet and Brochure

XD15NW®: Development and Usage

The latest technical data for testing, usage, and overall news on our high performance XD15NW® stainless steel.

XD15NW® manufacturing example in detail from Enduro Bearings
See how Enduro bearings turns raw XD15NW® rods into the ultimate bottom bracket for high end bicycle racers. Article includes details, photos of the heat treatment and machining process, as well as an onsite video of their California manufacturing partner facility at ABI Industries.
A Comparison of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Contemporary and New Alloys for Aerospace Bearing Applications
This paper presents the results of several contributing sources in establishing the mechanical and physical properties of various new candidate alloys for aerospace bearing applications. The alloys evaluated included the high Nitrogen steels Cronidur® 30 and XD15NW®, the carburizing stainless steels Pyrowear 675 and CSS-42L, and the nitrided steel 32CDV13. The properties evaluated included hot hardness, recovery hardness, fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, abrasive wear resistance, and structural (rotating beam) fatigue strength. Elemental testing was performed independently of the material suppliers to evaluate these properties for the candidate alloys.