Just in Time Inventory


To make just-in-time manufacturing work, you NEED a reliable source for supply. A supplier that not only has access to high-quality steel, but one that’s flexible enough to scale up in your times of need. This is where Sullivan Steel comes in. We work directly with the top specialty steel mills worldwide to provide reliable, consistent inventory of hard to find high-performance steel. Sullivan goes even further by facilitating partnerships between you and the mill and in developing new and innovative uses or custom sizes to fit your needs… All while taking the burden of tying up capital for expensive inventory.

Just In Time Inventory Frees up:

Floor space for other applications

Cash flow for operations and expansions

Labor to maintain excess inventory of material

Sullivan is your buffer to help mitigate risks of Inventory Management

Sullivan maintains a significant inventory of the steel we sell. We make the large purchases that mills require; keeping our racks filled. We ship our steel via any shipping method; allowing your production to stay online.

Reliability Concerns

We work directly with the mills in Europe and the US; often with exclusive agreements that ensure a reliable supply chain. We are the direct to mill source – there is no one else between us and the mill. Sullivan Steel is also well financed and has been in the steel business for over 35 years. Globally, companies rely on Sullivan Steel to meet their high-performance steel needs.