BG-42Ⓡ (AMS 5749)

BG42 is a high performance, martensitic, high speed stainless steel designed for critical aerospace and bearing applications .  BG42 combines the hot hardness characteristics of M-50 and the corrosion resistance of 440c Stainless.  The cleanliness is assured by the double vacuum melting process (VIM/VAR), and the 14.5% chromium offers superior oxidation and corrosion resistance.  BG42 is most often used in high performance aerospace applications, like bearings, but the excellent properties also make it a superior choice for cutlery.  All BG42 from Sullivan Steel is Made in the USA.

FOR REQUIREMENTS: Critical Bearing Applications
Lescalloy BG42
AMS 5749

Benefits of BG 42

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance compared to M-50
  • Excellent high temperature performance up to 900F

Typical Applications

  • Critical Aerospace Bearings
  • Gas Turbines
  • Cutlery

Chemical Composition – VIM-VAR

  C Cr Si Ni V W Mn Mo S P Co Cu
min. 1.15 14.50 .30 1.20 0.50 4.00

Stocking Sizes

0.5625″ – 2.5″

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