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Inventory Management to help you lean your process and absorb demand shocks

  • For lean manufacturing to work well, someone has to hold the inventory buffer. Stocking large amounts of inventory is paramount to our service and helps our customers lean their processes.
  • We regularly satisfy large orders. Our material availability focus allows us to act as a “shock absorber” for spikes in demand. We thrive on both big and small orders.
  • We have stocking programs with many of the major bearing manufacturers, shipping regularly to match their production schedule.
  • Our steel is certified and traceable.

Seamless tubing to reduce your total cost: Less machining / less chips

Bearing races can typically be made more efficiently using tube versus using solid bar. Sullivan will work with you to offer the optimal tube size for your application. Sullivan stocks hundreds of sizes that are guaranteed to finish to your dimensions with the least amount of chip waste on your floor.

Example: consider a 5.250” OD x 4.250” ID x 0.500” thin-section bearing race, where our tube option offers the following advantages relative to solid bar:

• 60% less material per blank
• Significantly reduced manufacturing cost: cycle time & tooling


We have 6 production saws for high volume and low volume requirements.
Our sawing services will allow you to:

• Deliver the correct number of blanks right to your turning machine
• Avoid paying for unneeded or extra inventory
• Save time in your shop

Fast delivery

Loading steel truck

Our focus is on material availability for any size order. We ship steel on a daily basis from our New Jersey facility; from overnight UPS to expedited truck loads.