CX13VDW is your solution for a high performance, low cost carburizable stainless steel. The grade is fully stainless with high properties (resistance and ductility). Developed as a superior alternative to Pyrowear® 675 and 9310 steels, it’s used for critical parts such as performance bearings, well drilling parts, engine bearings and ball screws. CX13VDW offers various advantages over similar metals in this field.

FOR REQUIREMENTS: Carburizing Stainless Steel, Bearing & Structural
CORROSION RESISTANCE: Excellent (in non-carburized areas)
ALTERNATIVE TO: Pyrowear® 675 Stainless, M152
UNS: S64152
WL: 1.4933

Benefits of CX13VDW

  • Optimized composition and thermomechanical treatment to ensure carburizing process
  • Respectable mechanical properties, fully stainless, and a high level of hardenability
  • Simple martensitic solution & Classic heat treatment (no Cobalt)
  • Capable of achieving a surface hardness of 61-62 HRC
  • Easy to carburize – Low pressure or gas pressure with pre-oxidation
  • High strength, ductility, and tempering temperature (up to 300 °C / 572 °F)

Typical Applications

  • Ball-screws (example: Airbus A380 horizontal stabilizer, Boeing 787 brakes)
  • Shafts with parts operating in corrosive environment (sea water)
  • Injection bodies for corrosive environment
  • Gears, etc.

Comparisons to Other Materials

CX13VDW vs. Pyrowear® 675
Easier heat treatment (three steps vs. five)
More affordable/cost-effective
No cobalt, easier workability
In stock, no minimums
CX13VDW vs. AISI 9310VAR Steel
Superior Corrosion Resistance (9310 is not stainless)
Over twice the temperature rating
Higher Strength with similar flexibility

Chemical Composition

  C Si Mn Cr Mo V N2 Ni
min. 0.10 0.50 11.00 1.50 0.25 0.010 2.00
max. 0.15 0.30 0.90 12.50 2.00 0.40 0.050 3.00

Stocking Sizes

0.787″ø to 6.00″ø (20 mm ø – 152.4 mm ø)

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Brochure and Datasheet

CX13VDW Brochure


CX13VDW Datasheet