COVID-19 Virus & Operations

Dear Valued Customer,

Sullivan Steel Service is functioning at normal operational capability. We are striving for same day or next day shipping.

We are part of the Critical Manufacturing Sector supply chain, which is crucial to the economic prosperity and continuity of the United States.

As stated, however, in the Executive Order #107 & #108 signed by Governor Murphy on March 21, 2020 –

Manufacturing, industrial, logistics, ports, heavy construction, shipping, food production, food delivery, and other commercial operations may continue operating, but as explained (in document), they should limit staff on site to the minimal number to ensure that essential operations can continue.

Therefore, we have limited on-site staff to only those absolutely required to be on-site.  A significant number of our employees are working from home.

Our plan is to stay open unless Federal or State regulations mandate that we close.  Additionally, as stated, we support many customers that are categorized as essential, so our expectation is that we will remain open.

Please feel free to contact us at 609-882-5250 if you have any questions, concerns or additional requirements to meet your demands.



The Sullivan Team